Being Home

Being Home Series - Book 1

Luke Whittaker and Evelyn Young were high school sweethearts who had their whole lives together mapped out: they'd live on his family ranch while he worked and she studied, and then marry and raise a family.

Their plans came to a screeching halt one winter’s night when a tragic accident claimed not only the lives of her parents, but also the life Evie had envisioned with Luke. Unable to cope with her grief, she fled their small town in the Colorado mountains, leaving Aurora Springs – and Luke – behind her.

Years later, another death in the family finally brings her home. Evie is once more plunged into mourning but being around Luke again makes her feel truly alive for the first time in years. Can he convince her to come home and begin the life together they'd always dreamed about, or will she let her fears and doubts destroy her heart for good?

Being Home Series - Book 2

She is the daughter of the enemy.

The feud between the Whittaker and Grant families of Aurora Springs, Colorado, has raged for generations after the forbidden romance between two of their ancestors ended in murder. While Deputy Sheriff Cody Whittaker’s father is willing to bury the hatchet once and for all, Autumn Grant’s refuses to let it go.

Cody knows he’s not supposed to ask Autumn out on a date.

He’s not supposed to kiss her.

He’s certainly not supposed to fall in love with her or get her pregnant.

Autumn is terrified of what her tyrannical father will do when he discovers she and Cody are romantically involved and want to build a life together.

Cody is determined to make Autumn his forever, and he’s not going to let her father stand in the way, no matter what.

Will history repeat itself, or will Cody and Autumn’s love pave the way to their happily ever after?